• Saves time

    Makes you more productive by having built-in specialty terminology specific to your field right inside your word processing programme. No need to exit your programme like other spell checkers. No more wasting time flipping through page after page of a paper dictionary looking up words.

  • Increases accuracy

    No more guessing at the correct spelling of specialised words. Have you ever read a document, letter, or report with a misspelled term? What was your impression of the author or preparer of that document?

  • Simple to use

    No training is needed, no new commands to learn, no manuals to read, and no more embarrassing spelling errors ... Spellex is easy to install ... because it works inside your spell checker.

  • Checks unsure spelling

    Not sure how to spell a word? WordPerfect users can type the first few letters followed by an asterisk (*) or the last few letters preceded by an asterisk. The software will display all general and specialised terms starting or ending with the characters specified.

  • Avoids embarrassment

    Most professionals today will tell you there are few things more embarrassing than misspelled words ... especially in their own specialty!

  • No extra hardware needed

    Requires no extra memory. Nothing new to buy. Works with existing hardware.

  • Easy to install

    Insert the Spellex programme CD and type Setup. Internet users can download our programs directly from our Web site. Spellex's state-of-the-art installation programme does the rest for you.