Spellex Dictation

Increase the accuracy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate with medical, legal, bioscientific, and veterinary enhancements from Spellex. Spellex Dictation allows you to work faster and boost your productivity by adding thousands of terms to your speech recognition vocabulary list.

Spellex Dictation Gold Medical

Covers 35 medical specialties including: anesthesiology, biology, cardiology, haematology, immunology, internal medicine, neurology, nursing, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, toxicology, urology, and more!

Spellex Dictation Gold Legal

Comprehensive coverage includes administrative law, admiralty law, antitrust, bankruptcy, civil, commercial, computer, constitutional, contract, conveyancing, corporate, criminal, family, immigration, insurance, labour and employment, litigation, patent, trademark and copyright, tax, wills, and much more!

Spellex Dictation Gold BioScientific

Covers more than 35 different bioscience fields including agronomy, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, ecology molecular and genetic biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, taxonomy, toxicology, and pharmacology, to name a few.

Spellex Dictation Gold Veterinary

Includes veterinary specialties including animal anatomy & physiology, bovine medicine, cardiology, dentistry, epidemiology, gastroenterology, genetics, immunology, ophthalmology, pathology, radiology, surgery, urology, and zoonotic diseases.

Spellex Dictation Gold English

Includes thousands of terms from the fields of business, technology, humanities, history, arts, and pop culture. Spellex Comprehensive English Vocabularies with all new pop culture references offer an excellent alternative to your standard speech recognition program's basic dictionary.