Spellex UK Spelling

Tens of thousands of general and specialised words differ in spelling between the US English language and the UK English language. Spellex is the only software development company that includes UK spelling files for comprehensive medical, legal, and scientific specialty spell checking software solutions. This commitment to meeting the needs of our customers has kept Spellex on the forefront of new development in authoritative spelling correction software systems for more than a decade.

If you need to accurately check the spelling of specialised terminology from the fields of medicine, pharmacology, law, and science, Spellex software programs will meet or exceed your requirements.

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Sample Comparisons from Spellex Medical US and UK spelling files

Spellex Medical US Edition Spellex Medical UK Edition
anesthesia anaesthesia
bisulfate bisulphate
cyanmethemoglobin cyanmethaemoglobin
defecalgesiophobia defaecalgesiophobia
diarrhea diarrhoea
disulfide disulphide
dysbetalipoproteinemia dysbetalipoproteinaemia
endobrachyesophagus endobrachyoesophagus
fuscocerulius fuscocaerulius
gonorrhea gonorrhoea
gynecology gynaecology
hemorrhoid haemorrhoid
homeopath homoeopath
ichthyohemotoxism ichthyohaemotoxism
kinesiesthesiometer kinesiaesthesiometer
leukemia leukaemia
menorrhea menorrhoea
microhematocrit microhaematocrit
occipitolevoposterior occipitolaevoposterior
esophagus oesophagus
pediatrician paediatrician
sulfethylthiadiazole sulfaethylthiadiazole
sulfate sulphate
synesthesia synaesthesia
urohematoporphyrin urohaematoporphyrin
vaporize vaporise